Why your content needs internal links

Why your content needs internal links

Internal links are an essential part of your site and blog posts. They allow the user to navigate around the site easily and effectively, making the user experience a more effective one. They not only help the user navigate around the site easier but also help the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is an internal link?

An internal link is a hyperlink which leads you onto another page from the same site. Make sure you don’t get these confused with external links. External links are links which lead off your page to another site with another domain name (these are also useful).

Why are they important?

They aid navigation and help the user experience become much easier as they help guide the user to specific points. As they are clicking that link purposely to gain more knowledge on that particular topic, it is much more directed and focused on bringing the customer the right information.
They also help the SEO of your site. SEO is a big puzzle to solve, with multiple parts of the puzzle to fix, and internal links being only one part. However, every little part of the puzzle helps towards a better ranking from your site.

Hints and tips for internal links


  1. Don’t stack the page with internal links. One reason is from a user experience point of view, hyperlinks are usually in a bright blue underlined colour. If there are too many then it will make the text look dis-jointed and difficult to read.


Having too many may confuse the customer journey, by doing this they are gravitating more and more away from the end destination. Whereas putting a few on the page will help aid the customer with more useful information and hopefully gravitate them to the end of the journey.


  1. Don’t use the same anchor text for two different links. By this we mean to use different wording when hyperlinking to different pages. Otherwise it will confuse the customer as they won’t know which is more relevant for that phrase.


  1. Avoid orphan pages. Orphan pages are pages which are on your site yet don’t have any links leading towards them. This makes it difficult for search engines to find them and rank them.

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