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How to boost engagement on social media?

You need to have the correct marketing strategy for social media, increasing your engagement with your audience can be hard. Therefore, we have created this guide to help you boost engagement on social media, so follow these steps.

#1 Use visual media

Make sure you are always using images, videos or gifs when posting on social media. If they are eye catching, then they will grab the consumer’s attention. On average, tweets receive a 150% more engagement with images in them than tweets with just text. Similarly, Facebook posts are 2.3 times more likely to receive engagement than ones without.  

#2 Integrate your blog posts

When creating blog posts, remember to share them on all of your social media platforms, this will increase the different types of posts you are uploading. Therefore, increasing the amount of different people you will target. By integrating your blog posts to your social media platforms, it will not only boost your engagement on social media but also drive traffic to your website.  

#3 Create competitions

Creating competitions with good prizes will always boost social media followings and engagement. Make sure you get your audience to like, share, retweet, comment and any other engagement options which are available to that social media platform. It will enable more people to view the posts and view your company profile. Gaining a greater acknowledgement of your business.  

#4 Get on board with on-time posting

This is may be more difficult, especially if you schedule your posts. However, this does not need to be done every day to achieve results. Set an allocated time, maybe once a week, and make sure you see what topic is trending. This will help you master the on-time posting, and therefore engaging with what you know is the popular topic of the day.  

#5 Engage with your audience

Make sure you keep on track with your customers. Replying to messages makes you seem more friendly and reliable. If you reply as soon as possible, it will give the customers a sense of trustworthiness as they know a ‘human’ is operating their social media accounts and will answer any questions or simply be active on the platforms.  

#6 Show your personality

If you can show your customers that there is a person behind the logo it makes the brand seem more approachable. Everyone likes to see a bit of character and personality, and ultimately that is what attracts people to your brand as they are more likely to remember you.  

#7 Don't be to sales heavy

Make sure when you are posting social media posts that you are not too sales heavy, this can come across boring. And lets face it, nobody likes a person who only talks about themselves! So make sure you are engaging, and talk about other factors of the business and industry news.  

#8 Work out the best time

Make sure you know your audience, by understanding when they are most active on the social platforms. This will take a little time working out, but you can use analytics and other programmes to work it out. Once you know what the best time is, it will be easier for you to get more engagement by sending your posts around or just before the time that they are most active. Website SEO and analytics icons   For more hints and tips, contact us! Or why not drop us a message on our Facebook page?

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