The Best Christmas Adverts of 2018

As the 1st December draws closer, the festive season is upon us once again (doesn’t it come around fast!), and we all know what that means - the return of the Christmas adverts! The festive themed advertising campaigns from some of nations biggest brands captivate the attention of the country every year, and fight for top spot in the Christmas marketing charts. From the ones that make us cry, to the ones that make us laugh till our tummies hurt, these campaigns are marketing genius and this year they have impressed more than ever! That’s why the team at Wriggle Marketing have evolved into their very own X Factor style judging panel to give you our line up of the top Christmas ads for 2018! Here it goes…

Boots #GiftsThatGetThem

This years Boots advert is targeted towards Mothers and Daughters and gives a touching take on this relationship dynamic. It’s pulls at the heartstrings and celebrates special connections that we make with our family members, and how this influences thoughtful gift giving.

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot

Continuing on from the theme of last year, Aldi pulled it out the bag again with their Kevin the Carrot story line! This time, Kevin finds himself in a bit of a muddle as the advert follows him fighting against the Wicked Parsnip Pascal who has kidnapped Katie the Carrot and the carrot babies. Thankfully, viewers are in for a happy ending as Kevin users his carrot superpowers to free his family. It’s definitely one to make you giggle!

John Lewis

It’s back again and it’s better than we could ever have expected! The John Lewis ad is one of the most eagerly awaited of the festive season and it has not disappointed for its 2018 contribution! The ads tells the uplifting story of Elton John’s life after he received his very first piano from his mother for Christmas. Again John Lewis mimics much of the Boots tactic and themes the advert around thoughtful giving with this tear inducing masterpiece from one of musics greats. Another year running the retailer succeeds with this emotional storytelling piece!

Marks and Spencer

Daytime TV’s angel Holly Willoughby fronts this years M&S ‘Must Haves’ campaign which aims to win the hearts, minds and wallets of busy families on the go this Christmas. Despite the retailers typically feel good tact, this campaign is unashamedly commercial but is set to be another favorite during the festivities.


Waitrose’s ‘Too Good to Wait’ campaign offers a humorous take on peoples indulgent eating habits around Christmas. The ads show common Christmas scenes being cut short and sped up as people rush to get their hands of Waitrose’s Christmas food. The ads will promote the supermarkets party food selection, stollen, cheese, desserts and more - wow, we can’t wait to see these delicious treats!


Who knew that your advert getting banned could be the best thing that ever happened to your brand? Iceland’s Christmas controversy has left them on top of the festive marketing stakes as the buzz of their thought provoking Greenpeace partnership circulates the nation. Narrated by actress and Greenpeace ambassador Emma Thompson, the advert follows the story of an orangutan called Rang-tan who goes to live with a little girl after his forest home has been destroyed by the palm oil trade. Despite the advert being banned from television for its political message, the campaign has gone viral thanks to the world of social media!

Now you’ve been given the favorites, it’s your time to vote! Use the poll below and let us know which one is your Christmas No.1….

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