Answer Engine Optimisation – Why is this the next big thing in digital marketing?

So, if you aren’t already aware of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation then you should be - don’t say you missed our SEO for Newbies guide?! SEO has been around since the 1990s but it’s now facing a new rival in the digital marketing arena… meet AEO or Answer Engine Optimisation! For those who are familiar with SEO, then they will know the pace at which things change and the rise of AEO is just yet another example of this. But what is this new phenomena? And what does it mean for digital marketing? Don’t worry because Wriggle Marketing is here to answer your questions and give you answers hot off the press...

What is Answer Engine Optimisation?

So, first things first, what’s Answer Engine Optimisation?

AEO is a newly evolving form of digital marketing targeting voiced-based device search requests.

This term has resulted from the rise of voice search, in which search engines like Google are now able to provide an answer to a search query without the even requiring the user to click through to another website. For instance, users perform a voice query, whether it’s on Siri, Alexa or Google Now’s platform which then gives the a singular response from the search to select. It essentially acts like a digital assistant, finding you what you need by simply speaking to the search engine. In the webinar above, two SEO experts explain how the rise of voice search is now transforming search engines into ‘answer engines’. Search engines were first built to deliver results based on keywords. But as voice assistants such as the Amazon echo become increasingly popular with consumers, search engines like Google are starting to improve their algorithm. They now provide answers to queries directly on the results page. This creates a whole host of complications for digital marketing experts by presenting the need for a innovative and different optimisation strategy.

Why is it important?

AEO is not going to replace SEO, but it is becoming increasingly important and something that people need to take note of! The process is now beginning to influence search engines and make them favor websites that are optimised for voice search, such as sites with content that answers frequently asked questions. Voice-based search can now be accessed on most modern devices, in which the user asks a question to their device via voice communication. The device then delivers an answer through voice back to the user, suggesting a website or websites for them to visit. The convenience of such is becoming increasingly popular with users, making it the next big target for search engine rankings. It is clear, those working within the arena of digital marketing need to start focussing their efforts of AEO as much as they do SEO! Building your website with content for AEO alongside SEO so now essential for your success, or even survival in the changing world of digital marketing.  

Is it the future of search?

The digital search process is a rapidly changing landscape and AEO is an integral aspect to the future of search. Voice search is a big step in the development of this digital function if you as a company take note of this it can be highly beneficial to the construction of your brand. Make yourself the answer that is supplied first and establish yourself as a dominant authority in the search engine rankings. Does you need help with AEO aspect of your digital marketing strategy? - This is all a lot to take in, and admittedly a lot to keep up with. But, that’s where we come in! Here at Wriggle marketing our team of SEO specialists are keeping up to date with the pace of these rapid changes to digital marketing and they are primed and ready to help you with the optimisation of your digital content. If you are interested in how they can help you, or any of our other Wriggle services then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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