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Adding Flair to your blogs and emails

Blogs and emails need to be eye catching, therefore, no matter how good the content is, if it doesn’t attract the attention of the customer, they will not read it.

#1 make sure the content is good

Making sure the content is well written, is the number one rule of writing either a blog or an email. Some people like to write down with a pen and paper what they will be writing about. • Bullet pointing is always a good option so you know what you are going to include. Make sure that the content is in a logical order. You don’t want your reader jumping between different paragraphs, therefore when planning out your content it is always good to number your paragraphs.

#2 Add images

Once you have written good content, it is always favourable to add images. According to HubSpot, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without. Therefore, think about what type of picture would work well with the article. When adding photos, make sure they are good quality photos. This is essential to enable your customer to understand that your blog or email is high quality and it makes the blog seem more trustworthy to readers.

#3 Using Videos

This may not be appropriate for some blogs or emails. However, if a video would help the blog, then it would add creditability from your users. Videos are a great way to make your blogs more personalised, they help your reputation and help make your posts seem more genuine.

#4 Keep a theme

When creating a blog or email, keeping a theme is essential for your readers to know when a blog has been written by you. Having an audience who can recognise your blogs is essential and will help you for future blogs that you create. If you need any help with your digital marketing, click here for more information on how Wriggle Marketing, a social media agency, can help you and your business.

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