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6 steps to optimising your social media profiles

Social media can be difficult to get right. There are so many different aspects to understand. Which is why we have created these 6 steps to optimising your social media profiles.

#1 Use the correct profile picture

Making sure your profiles look visually good is a great start. As people will go off whether they want to deal with your business from how your page looks and is presented. So make sure your profile pictures are the correct size. Remember, each platforms are different sizes. Also, it is important to make sure all your pictures are consistent over every channel. This will create a distinct branding for your company, we would suggest to put your logo as your profile picture, so customers can easily recognise your brand and company.

#2 fill out your info correctly

Take time to fill out your business information correctly. It is important to specify your location and times of your opening hours, so people know when to get in touch with you. You also have the opportunity to show off your personality, so make sure you use this to your advantage. Ensure you clearly get across to your customers what you do, but don’t make it too long - as this could scare people off and they won’t read it.

#3 get reviews

Getting reviews are crucial to allow customers to believe that the business is a successful one. So try and get as many positive reviews as possible, ask people you know, ask customers. You could even make a competition around it, whatever you do – make sure it is getting positive reviews on your social media pages.  

#4 get sociable

Don’t just write posts, make sure you interact with customers on comments etc. This will make you seem more personal and people can ask any queries directly to you. It will also look great if you are getting involved with the local area.

#5 use the right #hashtags

Know what #hashtags to use. Do some research into what is trending in your industry, and make sure you use them! Hashtags are a great way to allow new and potential customers to view your company, allowing you to increase the traffic to your site.

#6 figure out the best times to post

Figuring out when the best times to post is essential. Make sure you do your research into what times your customers are most active. For example, if it is students you are trying to target, then it probably won’t be the best to post at 7am!

For more information on social media and more hints and tips, just get in contact with us. We are always happy to help.

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