3 Ways to Strengthen Your SEO During COVID-19


In the current climate, a lot of businesses are taking their foot off of the pedal when it comes to investing in marketing activities. However, consumer intent and behaviour is changing. With a lot more time being spent at home and online, we can expect to see a real increase in searches and online purchases. Insights gained from SEO can be essential to navigating your business through these times. Not only this, but through applying SEO best practices, you’re making sure that you’re in the best position when your customers are looking to click that ‘buy’ button, or get in touch.
Here’s 3 ways you can strengthen your SEO right now:


Whether you’re able to sell to customers at the moment or not, it’s important that you create content for your site. This will show that you’re active, interested and on the ball. Focus on providing guidance and valuable information to your audience in order to build some brand trust. You could even find out what keywords are being searched for right now in your industry and use them to optimise your pages. 


If you’re already investing in SEO, you should consider taking the time to review your position. Here’s a few tips:

  • Have a look at the traffic coming to your site, especially traffic from organic search; this will give you an insight into any shifts in demand
  • Top tip: consider the fact that employees working remotely may affect your web traffic if they’re not using a VPN or remote network
  • If you’ve got any scheduled campaigns coming up, make sure it’s still in good taste and relevant to the current climate
  • Have there been any changes to your stock or business routine? Keep your pages up-to-date with any new information. You could even create an alert/pop-up on your site with any important news

If you’re putting effort into making sure your website is engaging and relevant to your audience, then you want to make sure it performs well too. If pages are slow to load, or some links don’t work, visitors to your site may just give up and go elsewhere. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen, so why not try some of the below:

  • Run a speed test on your website to see how it’s performing. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a good tool 
  • Spring cleaning - you may already be good at reviewing your content regularly and making sure you’ve deleted any unwanted pages/posts, but did you know that they could still be visible in search results? Instead of the dreaded 404 page opening, redirect visitors to existing pages to keep them on your site
  • Streamline the user experience - are there any pages with particularly high bounce rates? Are users scrolling down half of the page before leaving? Why not take one of your problem pages and test a couple of changes to see how they perform

Now is the time to invest time and effort into driving conversions through your site. SEO is a long term marketing move, so being strategic now will mean your business is optimised and visible when the dust settles. 


If you would like some support in strengthening your SEO, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team. 

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