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Analytical Data

The digital tool that every company should use

Google Analytics Macs

Looking into the business analytics is essential, it provides in depth analysis of how users are navigating around your site. There are a number of different analytical tools which can be used and the majority of them are free. The data from these tools can be used to improve the website to increase engagement and the conversion rate.


Simple changes can be made by using analytical tools such as moving the call to action buttons into more prominent places. Websites which do not have any analytical tools installed could be missing out on customers every day! All the changes we recommend to our clients are data driven and aim to improve user experience.


Take this a step further, with specialist software Wriggle Marketing can not only tell you what businesses have been looking at your website and provide daily reports for you but, we can also track every users mouse movement across your website to the point of exit. By tracking user mouse movements you can gain invaluable information which informs you on how your website is being viewed and used by  your users. This data allows you to change aspects to increase both engagement and conversion rates.

If you would like to understand who is using your website, what they like and what they dislike along with where and why they drop off then please get in touch with us on 0191 276 7551.


Analytics provides invaluable data which most businesses over look.

Do you know the following about your website?

How many visits has your website had?

Where those visitors are located?

How have they find your website?

Which pages did they land on?

Which page did they exit at?

How long did they stay on your website?

How many pages they viewed?

Where did their mouse hover on your site?